Monday, October 17, 2011

day 13

Today is all about

Isaiah 44:2 (Contemporary English Version)

2I am your Creator.
   You were in my care
   even before you were born.
   Israel, don't be terrified!
   You are my chosen servant,
   my very favorite. [a]

So guess what that means he choose us . Today's daily step is to write down 3 things you are great at and one thing you are passionate about.   I am a great sister, a great wife and a great person all around . Im am very passionate  about my husband . Last night was the first time i saw him happy in a long time . He sat outside talking to his sister . If you dont know my husband he is one of the greatest men ive ever met. Hes always trying to please everyone else and ends up getting treated like crap for what he does. He never says no to anyone would give you his last dollar. Well anyway after sitting outside with his sister last night for about 2 hours trying to cheer her up we came in and read Joshua 1-6 we are trying to continue from where we left off. We planned to read at 7:30 but didnt til about 830 and read for a whole half an hour . We read it together and talked about it . It was nice!!!

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