Monday, October 10, 2011

day 12

Psalm 139:14 (Contemporary English Version)

Psalm 139:14

Contemporary English Version (CEV)
14and I praise you
   because of
   the wonderful way
   you created me.
   Everything you do is marvelous!
   Of this I have no doubt.
15 Nothing about me
   is hidden from you!
   I was secretly woven together
   deep in the earth below,

16but with your own eyes
   you saw
   my body being formed.
   Even before I was born,
   you had written in your book
   everything I would do.

There is only one me .. Created and designed by God himself.  No one else can do what hes called me to do. This im wondering what it is right now since only getting two hours at work right now. What is it that god wants me to do for a job? Is there something that he thinks would make me happier? So yesterday I prayed and prayes and gave situation to god.   I know I am to follow him in all i do. After all he made me as a one of a kind , precious and priceless. My worth is beyond compare.  So todays Daily Step is to look in the mirror and say wow thank you god for making me the way you did and if ure brave enough give yourself a whistle ...go ahead

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